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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get trained to teach new age groups?

We offer creative classes throughout the summer for all of our instructors to improve their skills in the water or learn how to teach new age groups and disabilities. Simply sign up through the booking engine to get started!

I am having a hard time in my lessons, can I get help?

If you're struggling with a lesson, parent, or simply need a new creative way to teach a concept, schedule a time to speak with a veteran instructor. They're here to help you and make sure you have every resource you need to provide the best lessons you possibly can.

How do I get help from the office?

If you cannot get ahold of your team lead, area manager, or the office is busy simply email us to skip the line and get immediate help. You can also get help for non urgent items and a staff member will email you back within 24 hours. [email protected]

How do I get paid?

You can submit invoices inside the lesson management software at anytime. For more information, click on the "invoice portal" menu button which will layout step by step how to submit invoices to us.

Resource Center for All Instructors

We understand the world is a big place and being a swim instructor is probably a side gig. Let us help you get started in the right direction of accomplishing your dreams while you work with us with these free resources.

SAT Resources

We've put together a list of articles and resources to help you not only prepare but pass the SAT with flying colors.

Community or 4 Year Admission Resources

In here is a list of resources we think are helpful for better understanding the road to get into a good college.

College Student Resources

Already in college? Here's a list of resources to help you tackle problems nobody told you about or find sneaky discounts.

Learn to Build a Startup

Click through to sign up for Y Combinators Startup School. A leading provider of the best startup curriculum in the country.

Entrepreneur Slack

Looking to start a business? Join the slack and network with other entrepreneurs or feel free to ask questions.

Trade School Resources

College not the right fit? Lets help you find what you are passionate about and how to get there.