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What Do We Use Your Pool For?

Frequently our instructors have a hard time finding pools to give private swim lessons in and unfortunately Swimply does not allow instructors to rent pools repeatedly. Instead, we rent backyard pools from homeowners like yourself, in bulk from students who want to rent your pool up to 18 times.

Our homeowner partners make up to $30 per hour renting their pool to us for swim lesson sets and make on average an extra $400 per month working with our instructors. 

How Do You Insure Instructors Are Certified?

Here at Safety 1st Aquatics we have extremely strict hiring standards for the instructors that we hire to work with us. Each of our instructors is required to have taught for a minimum of 1 year at a city facility where they will see thousands of lessons and are certified by the Red Cross or they are required to work at a swim school, facility, or with a lifeguarding company providing lessons for a minimum of 2 summer seasons. By the time they reach your pool, our instructors are swim lesson instruction veterans. 

What Protects Me As A Homeowner?

We have constructed a very rigid and regulated system for providing swim lessons to ensure that our clients get the highest quality swim lessons possible. The rules we have provided for our swim lessons also help us protect our homeowners as well. Some of these precautions include….

  1. Insuring our homeowners pools as additional insured through our instructors
  2. Limiting the amount of students that can take lessons at one time. This allows the instructor to focus on the students in the pool.
  3. Pool use is limited for swim lesson use only. If the instructor isn’t in the pool, the students cannot be in the pool either. Feel at ease knowing the only people using your pool are veteran instructors.
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Click through to the booking form to enter your information. When we have a local lesson, we will pay to use your pool and insure it.

Bulk Pricing

Unlike competitors, we rent your pool for a minimum of 6 times per lesson set. Most times we'll pay for 6-12 hours per client.

Get Paid

We'll pay you bi weekly without any middleman fees for renting your pool via direct deposit.

How much can I make?

Homeowners in our network make on average $400 per month. Some of our most used pools can make $1600 per month. Simply keep your pool clean, give us your availability, and we'll take care of the rest.
Lessons Given

What Our Clients Say

Here's what some of our clients have to say about our work

"Their instructors are courteous and professional. They are great with children. We appreicate the convenience of having them come to our community for lessons. Thank you so much Safety 1st Aquatics!"
Lui G
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
"The staff is awesome and they are all very familiar with the pool and how to make kids feel comfortable in the water. They go above and beyond and my son is so relaxed with the instructors..."
Rosie S
Ontario, CA

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