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Why YMCA Swim Lessons Aren’t Right For Your Kids

Many parents think of swimming classes as a big social opportunity for their children. Somewhere they can be active, have some fun, and learn valuable skills that they can carry for the rest of their life. Now swim lessons can … Read More

Top 5 Things to Get Better at Treading

Treading is simply using one’s legs to keep their head above the surface of the water. Whether it’s at the beach and you’ve gotten dragged out a little too far, you’re learning how to play water polo, or just someone … Read More

Why Children Should Be In The Water Young

Many parents wonder when the right time is for them to introduce their newborn to the water outside of bath time. Since babies can develop infections from water until about 2 months old, it’s important to wait out that period. … Read More

Why Infant Swim Lessons are Worth It

One of the top questions asked by parents is when they should introduce their baby to  the water. Although babies can actually contract infections through pool water until they are about 2-3 months old, it’s important to start introducing them … Read More

How Private Lessons Can Secure Your Swim Team Spot

High school sports are one of the best ways that incoming freshmen can make new friends and form a community. The swim team, especially at public schools, is a great way for young teens to make dozens of friends while … Read More

Why it’s Cheaper to go With Private Swim Lessons Instead of Classes

A lot of people will see the price tag attached to private swim lessons and compare it to lessons through their city or local YMCA and make their decision off of that initial price tag. But what are you actually … Read More

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