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Adult Swim Lessons

Personalized lessons that deliver the best results

How we're different

We focus on adapting adult swim lessons to learning preferences

Not everyone learns the same way and lessons need to be adapted to handle that difference. Whether you learn best by hearing, seeing, or being hands on we've got you covered.

Organizations who run our adults swim lesson program or approve it...

Our Goals for Adult Swim Lessons

Although each students path to their goals is different. We try to hit the same goals with each student.

Standing Diving

By paying attention to how our swimmers learn best we can identify the best ways to help you get swimming fastest

Intro to the 4 Strokes

Every student is different and we adapt our lesson plans to be flexible so that you can reach your goals

Survival Skill Testing

Our goal is your success, so we provide a learn to swim guarantee. Take our advice on how to have lessons done? Then we'll guarantee the skills.

General Pool Safety

We provide you with a very straightforward skill sheet so that you can understand your skill sets anytime, anywhere.

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Lessons Given
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How to get started

Our process is a little different because we want to take the time to find a good instructor fit for you.

Submit a Registration Form

Click through to the booking form to enter your information so that we can assign the instructor with the best experience and tools to teach you

Get Matched and Scheduled in 72 Hours

We'll take that information, match you with an instructor, and set up your lessons. You'll be notified via text and email once we match you.

Begin Your Lessons

Show up to your lessons with your goggles, towel, and the excitement you need to learn!

We Only Hire The Best

Our process is a little different because we want to take the time to find a good instructor fit for you.

Adult Swimming Lesson Instructors and Our Vetting Process

Here at Safety 1st Aquatics we understand how important it is for you to find an instructor that not only understands your family personally but how to get your baby water safe. We have seen children as young as 6 months come through our program with noticeable results within just a few lessons. This is because when we hire our instructors we focus on finding some of the best instructors in the industry by vetting them thoroughly. All of our instructor need to have…

  1. Given adult swimming lessons or lessons within the age group previously at another swim school
  2. Have verifiable references for customer reviews
  3. Pass a full background check including criminal and family watch dog checks

Our goal is to have a team of top tier, friendly, and professional instructors that can deliver the value that our customers have come to expect from us over the several years we’ve been open. From the first day our founders opened the door of our school and every day beyond that we will continue to deliver on that promise to all of our customers.

Let us help you get started. Continue below so we can show you reviews from some of our other customers, our pricing, what you’ll learn, and how to sign up!

What clients are saying

Here's some of the feedback we've gotten from our clients. They love us and so will you!

"Their instructors are courteous and professional. They are great with children. We appreicate the convenience of having them come to our community for lessons. Thank you so much Safety 1st Aquatics!"
Lui G
Rancho Cucamonga
"The staff is awesome and they are all very familiar with the pool and how to make kids feel comfortable in the water. They go above and beyond and my son is so relaxed with the instructors..."
Rosie S
Ontario, CA
Our Learn to Swim promise

Your success is our singular goal

We offer our Learn to Swim Guarantee for any student who is 3+, taking private lessons at least twice a week, and does not have special needs. If you qualify and your swimmer can't make it back to a wall safely we'll provide 4 more lessons on us to make sure we get them watersafe.

Swim Lessons for Adults

Although most students can benefit from group lessons, their ease of progression is stunted  due to the volume of students and questions as well as the period of time it takes for them to grasp each skill. As a result, we like to focus on private swim lessons instead, as it allows us to condense the learning into a relatively short period of time while still giving your child all the help and support he or she needs in order to succeed. As an added value, we help you avoid the bulked up membership fees and group swim lesson fees that essentially only lead to minimal amounts of instruction as well as adoption of essential safety skills.

Our swimming lessons for adults focus on having our adult private swim instructors create a personalized lesson plan that fits your needs and complies with our general curriculum to help your child accomplish his or her swimming goals. If you’re looking to save money, time, effort, and have a learn to swim guarantee then our swimming lessons for adults are the way to go. If we can’t get you through our Water Safety Skills Basics (if you qualify: 3+ with no special needs, lessons at least twice a week, and a minimum of 12 lessons) then we provide an additional 4 lessons to your package.

Swim Lesson Pricing

30 Minute Lessons
3 Students Per Lesson Max
$65/per lesson
  • $60 per lesson for 12+ lessons
  • $55 per lesson for 18+ lessons
45 Minute Lessons
3 Students Per Lesson Max
$75/per lesson
  • $70 per lesson for 12+ lessons
  • $65 per lesson for 18+ lessons
1 Hour Lessons
3 Students Per Lesson Max
$85/per lesson
  • $80 per lesson for 12+ lessons
  • $75 per lesson for 18+ lessons

Ready to get water safe? Lets get started!