What should I expect with adult swimming lessons?

Nearly half of all adults in the United States say they could not pass a basic swim test. A swim test looks for the skills you would need to save yourself from drowning in an aquatic accident. This is clearly a problem, as many social gatherings, and many of life’s most fulfilling experiences happen in and around water. At Safety 1st Aquatics, we are committed to teaching the skills our clients need to become well-equipped for water safety as well as competency in swimming that leads to an ongoing, fulfilling relationship with water for the rest our clients’ lives.  

Of course, this is a large goal to achieve, and the process of closing the gap between water incompetency and water competency in the United States comes down to one simple step – learning how to swim. If an adult does not know how to swim, the risk associated with falling in water deeper than they can stand becomes substantially greater. However, if they know how to swim, the risk of drowning goes down tremendously. 

This is why we have set up our business in such a way as to provide nationwide service across the entire United States. Our clients who work with us receive professional service, and we always fulfill our promise. 

Unfortunately, we know not every swim lessons company operates with the same integrity, and many people have had bad experiences with receiving lackluster swim lessons from unprofessional swim instructors. If you haven’t experienced this directly, you may know someone who has. We’d like to put your mind at ease and take you through the process of what it’s like when you sign up for swim lessons with us, and what you can expect from your initial registration, to the lessons, to the fulfillment of those lessons, and everything in between. 

What you can expect – from start to finish


If you are looking for adult swimming lessons, you will first fill out a registration form. This will include information such as 

  • Who are the lessons for?
  • Contact Information
  • Location/Availability
  • Description of person for whom the lessons are intended
  • Intended Start Date

You will then be contacted within 72 hours to schedule your first lessons!

Your Certified Swim Instructor

Here at Safety 1st Aquatics, we understand how important it is for you to find an instructor that not only understands how to teach someone to swim but is also reliable and experienced. We have seen hundreds of adults come through our program with noticeable results within just a few lessons. This is because, when we hire our instructors – we focus on finding some of the best instructors in the industry by vetting them thoroughly. All of our instructors need to have…

  1. Given swimming lessons within the age group previously at another swim school
  2. Verifiable references for customer reviews
  3. Pass a full background check including criminal and family watch dog checks

Our goal is to have a team of top tier, friendly, and professional instructors that can deliver the value that our customers have come to expect from us over the several years we’ve been open. From the first day our founders opened the door of our school and every day beyond that we will continue to deliver on that promise to all of our customers.


You have been contacted, and the lessons have been scheduled. You are ready to get in the pool! You will be assigned an experienced, certified swim instructor who will be handling the entirety of your adult swimming lessons. Their mission is to assist in learning every objective we have for adults. After 12 to 18 private lessons the student should be able to….

  1. Hold their breathe underwater and be able to show rotary breathing
  2. Dive into shallow or medium depths on their own and retrieve objects
  3. Float on their own
  4. Be able to swim the crawl and kick properly
  5. Be able to jump in the pool, turn around, and return to the wall from anywhere in the pool
  6. Understand the basics of all 4 strokes and be able to swim them in short distances
  7. Be able to dive standing or kneeling
  8. Understand basic pool safety rules
  9. Grasp the basics of treading

These are the general goals for adult swimming lessons. For our instructors, the goal is not only to achieve these, but to also be adaptable and adjust appropriately to your needs. If you are struggling with certain aspects of comfortability in the water, or any of the skills you need to learn in the process of water safety, the instructor will make adjustments and allow for extra time to be spent on any one area that becomes an obstacle for you. These instructors are experienced, and they have successful trained hundreds of adults in this process. They are patient and well-trained. 

What you will need for lessons

Adult swim lessons don’t require much when it comes to preparing. However, there are a few things you should have:

  • Goggles – the water getting in your eyes may disturb you and slow down the process of learning, be sure to get a pair that fits you properly and is comfortable
  • Swimsuit – a comfortable swimsuit that does not inhibit your movement. Too big and it may get in the way. Too small and it may not allow you to move freely. 
  • A good attitude – Leading up to swim lessons, you may feel a sense of fear. Being afraid is a normal thing to experience. However, it is important to trust in both the instructor, and the process. To show up with a good attitude means to have confidence in yourself and your ability to learn, and to trust that your instructor has the capacity to teach you and guide in a safe way on your journey to becoming fully competent in and around the water.  

How long until the lessons are completed?

Everyone learns at a different pace, and it is important to keep that in mind. With adult swimming lessons, you may learn extremely fast or extremely slow, but it’s most likely somewhere in the middle. It is important to have patience and faith in the process. These skills you will be learning are skills you will have for a lifetime and learning properly, at your own pace, is key for success. 

Are you ready to sign up? 

You now know the full process of what happens when you sign up for adult swimming lessons. From registration, to your heavily-vetted instructor, to the lessons and what you will learn, our team is dedicated to delivering on our “Learn to Swim Guarantee” and helping keep you water safe and capable. If you are ready to sign up, head on over to the registration tab and begin the journey to a water safe world!

 Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you at the pool!


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