Should I do ISR or Mommy and Me Lessons?

Every year in the United States, about 800 children die from drowning. Nearly half of those deaths are children under 5 years old. At Safety 1st Aquatics, we have committed ourselves to making sure this stops happening. However, you, as the parent, must help us. 

At Safety 1st Aquatics, we understand the cost that is at stake here. Children do not have to drown anymore. However, as long as they continue to lack survival skills in the water, these deaths are going to continue. This is why we offer infant swimming lessons: to save the young boys and girls who could have survived had they known basic water survival techniques. 

However, reducing the risk of drowning is not the only reason for infant swim lessons. Exposing infants to the water early in their life can lead to a lifelong, healthy relationship with water related activities in general. If you want your child to grow up and be comfortable in and around water, infant swimming lessons are a great way to get them started. If you want to know more about the benefits of infant swimming lessons, check our blog titled “Why are infant swimming lessons important?”

With that in mind, if you have an infant and are looking to prevent a drowning accident from occurring while also providing your young one with a lifetime of enjoying the water and not being afraid of it, we have two options.

Infant Self Rescue Lessons (ISR)

The first is ISR Lessons, which stands for Infant Self Rescue Lessons. These lessons are intensely focused on survival skills in the water. In ISR, your infant will learn the basic survival skills necessary to potentially make the difference between you saving them and you not even knowing they fell in the water. 

The essential skill infants are taught during ISR lessons is the skill of learning to roll over to their back, floating on their back, relaxing and remaining calm, and breathing until help arrives. We believe it is obvious why this skill is vital in light of the statistics we gave earlier. If your only objective is to reduce the risk of drowning, Infant Self Rescue Lessons are a great way to achieve this. We know the safety of your children is important, and we can help you achieve that with these lessons. 

Mommy and Me Lessons

With ISR lessons being mainly survival focused, Mommy and Me lessons add an entire layer on top of that. In Mommy and Me Lessons, your infant will not only learn the basic survival skills like in ISR, but will also have an opportunity to accelerate their comfort in the water while being accompanied by their parent. The safe environment this creates allows for you and your infant to not only make them more capable in the water in the short term with their survival skills, but it also allows the child to develop a healthy relationship with the water. 

Your presence alongside them will allow them to feel safe to practice the strategies they are being taught, while also having fun and forming a bond with you, the parent. During Mommy and Me Lessons, the child begins to think of the water as a fun and safe place where they can learn new things and splash around. This comfort building strategy has many implications later on in their life. 

Have you ever met people who grew up by the ocean, and have absolutely zero fear about going in the ocean, confronting large and intimidating waves? Well we have too. Have you ever noticed that when you ask them why they have very little fear surrounding the ocean, they usually always say something along the lines of, “Well, I grew up in the water.” This is exactly the point we want to get across here. 

Early exposure to water in a safe environment, alongside, allows an infant to be accustomed to the water. They learn how it feels to float. They overcome any innate fear responses they may have with the guidance of instructors and parents that allows them to gain confidence in the water. Eventually, they learn the skills necessary to navigate the water themselves with more certainty. 

Building up comfort in the water at an early age allows them to grow up without fear of the water. This reduces their risk of developing aquaphobia, the fear of the water, to almost zero. Comfort in the water reduces their risk of panics in swimming scenarios and makes them more competent as a person in and around water altogether. 

Fortunately, water has more uses than swimming such as surfing, wakeboarding, and many other fun activities people do to enjoy the water. If your infant develops comfort in the water at an early age with you accompanying them, they are much more likely to not only lack paralyzing fear around water, but also make use of it in productive and fun ways when they grow up. 

Which one is best for you?

At the end of the day, the answer to this is entirely up to you. Both types of lessons offer the same benefits, there are just minor differences. With ISR Lessons, your child is almost entirely focused on survival techniques in the water, and the byproduct of that as they get older will be a better, more comfortable relationship with the water. Mommy and Me lessons will still teach them the survival techniques that are all so vital, but will also be a time for them to build extreme levels of comfort around the water and have a chance to bond with you, the parent, in the process. Either way, infant swimming lessons of either choice will be good for the infant overall. Which lessons you choose comes down to how involved you want to be in the process. So what do you think? You want to join us in the pool for Mommy and Me Lessons? Or let us handle the survival techniques with your infant and our certified instructors? The choose is yours. 

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you at the pool!

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