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Quick tips to set my child up for success in swim lessons

Every year in the United States, nearly 800 children under the age of 15 die in drowning accidents. Nearly half of those children are under the age of 5 years old. At Safety 1st Aquatics, we are committed to irradicating these tragedies once and for all, as well as providing people of all ages the skillset they need to not only be safe in and around the water but to also have a fulfilling relationship with the water and its associated activities.

Of course, this is a large goal to achieve, and the process of closing the gap between water incompetency and water competency in the United States comes down to one simple step – learning how to swim. If a child does not know how to swim, the risk associated with falling in water deeper than they can stand becomes substantially greater. However, if they know how to swim, the risk of drowning goes down tremendously. 

This is why we have set up our business in such a way as to provide nationwide service across the entire United States. Our clients who work with us receive professional service, and we always fulfill our promise. However, learning to swim is something that requires yours and your child’s participation, and how you and your child participate can have an impact on their success in swim lessons. 

For the average adult looking to help their child get the most out of swim lessons, there are a few tips that can set your child up for success. Beginning with understanding the process and what they will need, as well as different mental strategies that lead to improved learning capabilities. Let’s dive in!

How to set your child up for success in children’s swimming lessons


When you are looking for children’s swimming lessons, you will first fill out a registration form. This will include information such as 

The part we’d like to draw your attention to is the “Description of the person for whom the lessons are intended.” The reason being that when our instructors receive this description of your child’s skillset, they will be reading it thoroughly to know exactly how to approach lessons with your child. If you do not fully describe your child’s skillset, the instructor may not be able to prepare properly. However, if you explain what level of competency your child is at as well as other helpful information, the instructor can approach the lessons accordingly. Essentially, if you want to set your child up for success, set their instructor up for success first by giving them the information they need to help your child as much as possible from day one!

You will then be contacted within 72 hours to schedule their first lessons!


After you schedule your child’s first lessons with our certified swim instructor that has be assigned to them, you will need your child to be prepared for those lessons. This means you will need get them the proper gear that they will wear throughout the duration of their lessons. They will need: 

With that gear, they are all set for lessons! Now let’s get into the stuff that will help them maximize their results! 

Mindset is Everything

We at Safety 1st Aquatics understand that learning to swim can be a daunting task, especially if your child is a beginner. However, helping them develop the proper mindset is key to them getting the most out of their lessons. Here are a few ideas you should instill in them throughout their lessons: 

Are you ready? 

There you have it: everything you need to set your child for success in children’s swimming lessons. The proper way to fill out the registration, the gear they’ll need, and the mindset that’ll help them learn in a fun and efficient manner. If you are ready to sign them up, head over to our registration page and begin implementing what you learned!

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you at the pool! 

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