What Age Should My Child Begin Swim Lessons?

As a parent, we all want the best for our kids and try to ensure they are well prepared for the “real world” by the time they get older. A common question we receive is “at what age should my child begin swim lessons?”. Well, it really depends on what you truly want your child to get out of the swimming lessons. Let’s break down the difference between these private swim lessons by age gap. 


Swim Lessons for Children under 3 Years Old

Who doesn’t love watching an adorable infant kicking their feet in the water? Infant swim lessons are not essential but rather more of a preference. At these ages, private swim lessons for infants will teach them a set of skills known to swim instructors as “infant survival rescue skills”. Private swim lessons for infants have been recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) as they have  proven to reduce the risk of drowning by nearly 88%. So here it is important to understand that swimming lessons for infants act as a supplement to further the child’s water safety skills and put the parents a little more at ease.


Private Swim Lessons for Children between 3 and 5 Years Old 

Although a rather unknown fact, private swimming lessons for toddlers (aged 3-5) are crucial to their development of water safety skills and the basic stroke techniques. Throughout toddler swim lessons, they are taught the rules of the pool/swimming and how to stay safe around the water. Parents of these young rascals understand how curious and excited they are when put near just around anything. For first time swimmers, we strongly emphasize the importance of water safety and showing them fundamentals such as floating, elementary backstroke, diving underwater and being calm while staying in the pool. 


Private Swim Lessons for Kids (Ages 5-7) 

At this age group, most children have usually had some experience in the water and start understanding independence from floaties and/or a guardian while in the water. If at this age your child is a first time swimmer, they may feel a little left out by their group of friends as most of them would usually know how to swim at this age. Do not fret however. Private swimming lessons for kids (aged 5-7) are an exponentially quick step to getting your child ready for the water. We dive straight into the basics of various strokes as well as run through the mechanics of breathing and floating while in the water. One of the dangers at these ages is children begin to become a little more curious and decide to go into the “deep end” where they can no longer stand or “tread”. This may lead to panic or drowning so because of their ability to better understand danger, our swim instructors go through the most common scenarios and ensure they understand the dangers and consequences involved. All in all, most children by this age will be led to swim by accident or through pressure of wanting to fit in, pressure which makes having essential water safety skills and fundamentals all the more important. 



In conclusion, learning to swim is one of the primary goals for any family to teach their child, whether it be through private swim lessons or self-teaching. Learning to swim at younger ages prevents these children from being exposed to high risk scenarios in which they wouldn’t be prepared for without prior knowledge. Without exposure to swim lessons of any sort, these children might suffer the consequences they may be too young to understand. Let’s change that!


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-The Safety 1st Aquatics Team

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