The Importance Of Individual Swim Lessons

The Importance Of Individual Swim Lessons


  Children are unique individuals. As all parents know, you can never find two children who are the same or who react the same way to the same teaching methods. Every child needs a unique approach to make sure that the knowledge being given to them sticks and has a lasting effect. The first step to creating a lasting lesson is to make sure your instructor is a dedicated aquatics professional who has background experience in the aquatics industry. By choosing a sub-par or cheap alternative to lessons such as group lessons, children are more likely to forget the information being taught to them. From 2005-2014, there was an average of 3,536 drownings annually; this means that up to ten people drown per day. Going beyond that, two out of these ten deaths were children ages fourteen and younger. 


  Unfortunately, this relates to children who have not been in proper lessons, never took them, or were unable to retain the information taught to them. A popular claim is that these children never took lessons to begin with. However, it is also very likely that they had been in some type of lessons, but failed to utilize the knowledge taught to them. That is why we believe in an individual approach which puts safety first. Similar to common core education failing to educate a large portion of students, standard group lessons with level systems fail to adequately reach the individual needs of a large number of children. 


  By treating a child as an individual and adapting lesson plans to their needs, the odds are much higher that a child will retain the survival skills taught to them. When it comes to life or death and your child’s safety, it’s better to pay a little more and sleep soundly knowing your child won’t add to the statistic of one in five. 


-The Safety 1st Aquatics Team

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