5 Essentials for an Epic Pool Party

As we get back into the summer groove, we here at Safety1stAquatics want to show we are more than just private swim lessons, but rather a family consisted of all of you! The summer season is by far the most hyped up season and there’s good reason for it! The warm weather, the beautiful sunset and obviously the time we get to spend swimming. In saying that, we want to remind you of the 5 essentials for a killer pool party! 

Number 1: Pool Floats!

 When you think about those great parties you see in movies, the one thing every one of them seems to have is pool floats. And there’s a reason for that! There’s an endless amount of goofery you can have with floats as they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes! They also add an excellent escape to get some resort-like relaxation while you get that tan on! Nothing screams pool party more than floats that add some decorations.  Maybe throw in some beach balls in there as well to let the vibe of the beach party really set in!

Number 2: Setting the Tone

  While it might seem childish to some, a theme is essential for any epic pool party. Although a bit cliché, some of the best ideas for themes are the common themes such as luaus or beach themed parties. After determining the theme, the rest comes easy; food, drinks and music are suited to compliment the theme.   

Number 3: Snacks and Food

As stated before, let the theme determine the food and snacks you get, but make sure you get plenty! A great option for the any theme would be a great backyard BBQ with options for all. Nothing works better on a hot, summer day than some burgers on the grill! Make sure you leave ample time to rest before swimming again!

Number 4: Let the games begin! 

One of the best aspects of pool parties must be the pool games! Set up a couple water-safe games such as Marco Polo, Red Light Green Light and maybe a water gun fight. Just make sure there is no running around the pool as the surface can get wet and cause serious injury as a result of slipping. 

Number 5: Staying Safe

Although fun is a must for any pool party that may include water fights or running around, staying safe both in and out of the water is a priority. For that reason, Safety 1st Aquatics employs certified lifeguards equipped with the gear and safety precautions for all your needs, parents! It might be difficult to take care of the food, have conversations with the parents of your child’s friends and supervise all at once, so an extra set of eyes to ensure a safe environment without any accidents is essential. A fact that many may not be aware of is 75% of pool deaths arise in the occurrence of group swimming activities such as pool parties, and it could only take a couple of minutes of unsupervised swimming for an accident to happen. Swim lessons can help prevent these occurrences and give your child the confidence he/she needs while swimming!

As a final reminder, we want our customers to know that they or their children can and should ask any question they wonder about to us directly or our certified swim instructors, whether it has to do with the swim lessons or not. 😊

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